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            october 16, 2019

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All train traffic stops for 24 hours


All train traffic in Finland stops on Monday 15 June due to a walkout by railway workers unions. Train traffic stops on Monday 15 June at 03.00 am and resumes on Tuesday 16 June at 03.00 am. Passenger and freight services are affected.
Trains departing on Sunday 14 June run normally to their destination stations with the exception of night train which are subject to service alterations.
• The destination station of all night trains departing from the north on Sunday evening is Helsinki. Car-carrier wagons on night trains are not unloaded in Tampere and Turku and sleeping-cars do not go to Turku. Passengers travelling to Turku are instructed to change to regular coach services in Tampere and Helsinki.
• All night trains north from Helsinki run to their destination stations with the exception of the train to Kemijärvi (P 865) whose end station is Rovaniemi.
• The destination station of Tolstoi train (P 32) from Moscow to Helsinki at 10.50 pm is Vainikkala. Passengers are transported by coach to stations serviced by Tolstoi in Finland.
On Monday 15 June only night trains which depart on Sunday are operated as well as long-distance and commuter trains which arrive at their destination stations before 03.00 am. Passengers of Tolstoi train (P 31) from Helsinki to Moscow at 5.52 pm are transported by coach to Vainikkala from where Tolstoi continues to Russia. The Tolstoi (P 790) from Moscow to Helsinki at 5.45 pm runs normally.
On Tuesday 16 June rail services start at 03.00 in the morning. Rail services are not operated before 03.00 am. Night trains are not operated on the night between Monday and Tuesday. The Pendolino (S 80) from Jyväskylä to Helsinki at 5.30 am is cancelled. Resumption of services may bring service alterations on Tuesday. VR will inform passengers about service alterations.

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