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            november 20, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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WABCO introduces breakthrough technologies


WABCO Holdings Inc. today introduced two breakthrough technologies to further enhance the performance of electronic braking systems (EBS) on extra long trailers and truck-trailer combinations with two or more trailers, continuing the company’s 10-year track record of technology leadership in EBS for trailers. 
Available to trailer customers worldwide, WABCO’s new Controller Area Network (CAN) Repeater and Router are the industry’s first application of high-speed data transmission using CAN in-vehicle communications to improve braking performance of trailers. They significantly accelerate the transmission of the truck’s electronic braking signals to a trailer’s braking system.
WABCO’s new CAN Repeater enables faster electronic transmission of braking signals in extra long trailers that are used to transport over-sized cargo such as construction materials. WABCO’s new CAN Router provides faster data transmission for truck-trailer combinations with two or more trailers equipped with EBS.  
“Our new CAN Repeater and Router are breakthrough technologies that represent our deep understanding of customers’ needs and WABCO’s passion to continually advance commercial vehicle safety,” said Nick Rens, WABCO Vice President, Aftermarket and Trailer Systems. “An outstanding achievement, these innovative technologies build on WABCO’s unique knowledge and exceptional capabilities in trailer systems, allowing original equipment manufacturers, trailer owners and truck drivers to further improve vehicle and road safety, particularly in view of increasingly heavier demands on professional trailer transport.” 
The new CAN Repeater and Router mark the latest innovations in WABCO’s industry-leading Trailer EBS series that was launched in 1998. As of 2008, WABCO has sold more than 843,000 trailer electronic braking systems worldwide.

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