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            october 14, 2019

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Busworld 2019

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LKW Walter
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Spreading the load


Schmitz Cargobull has introduced a new system specifically designed to reduce the weight on tractor drive axles when vehicles have been partially unloaded from the rear.
Known as the Load Spread Program (LSP), the system constantly monitors and adjusts according to the loading on the axles. Although it is usually left switched on, it can be disabled and run as a standard tri-axle at the flick of a switch.
Once activated, the system automatically reduces the air pressure on the trailer’s rear axle, which redistributes a proportion of the load weight to the front two axles.
The LSP provides a number of benefits:
•  By reducing the weight on the ‘fifth wheel’ it avoids overloading the tractor’s drive axles;
•  It improves the semi-laden trailer’s ability to negotiate curves as the partially deflated air system on the trailer rear axle artificially reduces the trailer wheel base and the shorter wheelbase is more manoeuvrable.
•  It improves tyre wear because the rear axle (with the reduced load) ‘grinds’ less when the trailer is on a journey.
The device can be retrofitted to all air-sprung three axle semi trailers and is recommended for all users who experience overload at the front following partial unloading of goods from the back of a trailer. It is particularly suited to refrigerated trailers, although any haulier that transports unevenly spread loads can benefit from the system.

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