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            october 14, 2019

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Busworld 2019


LKW Walter

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LKW Walter
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Close-up experience


Photo: cargobull newsOver 300 customers attended Schmitz Cargobull’s recent roadshow in the Spanish port of in Valencia.
"We wanted to demonstrate to our customers the advantages of our vehicles in a manner that was specific to various target groups and practical requirements,“ says Marketing Manager Luis Bonasa.
After the opening event in Valencia, Schmitz Cargobull Iberica presented the fleet in Algeciras, Bilbao and Barcelona.
“The focus was on the semitrailer container chassis for 20 to 45 ft containers, as well as the S.CF with
sliding bogie – our trendsetter in intermodal transport,“ comments Bonasa when recalling the successful
customer event. “The sliding bogie met with a particularly high level of interest among the professionals. Not
only can it accommodate all container lengths from 22 to 45 ft, but its sliding chassis also allows optimum central positioning at all times. As a result it is simple for the user to load the vehicle from the rear, while at the same time the 25% rule for the rear axle load of the tractor is complied with!“
Traditionally Schmitz Cargobull Iberica has combined the information event in Valencia with a charitable purpose. In partnership with the Transcont Comunidad (TC) blood donor society the event team held an information event on life-saving  activities in the sports hall in Massanasa.
A pleasant additional effect of the event – at which representatives of ASNEPA, TRANSCONT and ATPE
got to know more about the broad range of vehicles and services on offer – was the presentation of a donation
cheque to TC.

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