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            october 22, 2019

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New UrbanMax municipal tires give more mileage


Goodyear is introducing UrbanMax, a new range of all-season tires for municipal vehicles, which offers high mileage and superb braking on wet and snowy roads. UrbanMax is the latest member of Goodyear’s innovative family of Max Technologies, which use latest technology materials, dedicated tread patterns and durable carcass construction for comprise the new range for city buses, fire engines, garbage trucks and other municipal vehicles.
“UrbanMax is a significant new product range for our customers. The biggest improvement is in the mileage these tires offer. The MCA can give 30% more mileage than its predecessor, and the MCD Traction offers 40% more. The all-season capability is very important for the more northern and mountainous regions. In these areas vehicles can use these new tires all year round”, said Boris Stevanovic, Marketing Director Truck Tires for Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe BV. “We believe that UrbanMax MCA and UrbanMax MCD Traction set a new benchmark in municipal tires.”
The Goodyear Max Technology concept provides dedicated products for enhanced mileage, braking, and damage resistance. In addition, the concept means low CO2 emissions as well as high comfort levels for the occupants.
The new tire range comprises the UrbanMax MCA, a steer and all position axle tire, and the UrbanMax MCD Traction, a drive axle tire. These tires are specifically designed for all-season use by municipal vehicles operating in tough urban environments and they will meet the forthcoming EU noise requirements. 
The Goodyear UrbanMax MCA offers outstanding performance in the areas of mileage and braking on wet and snow. Mileage is 30% better than the MCS, the tire it replaces. It features reinforced sidewalls, which provide increased protection against kerbing, and has sidewall wear indicators. Low noise emission is a further advantage for passengers and the environment.
The tread of the UrbanMax MCA has a wide five-rib pattern for high mileage, low noise and good handling. Edge blading gives good wet and snow performance as well as even wear. The hi-amplitude centerline gives the MCA its all position capability as it provides traction. Finally the shoulders are non-intrusive for damage resistance.
The Goodyear UrbanMax MCD Traction offers similar benefits to the UrbanMax MCA. Its tread features 3D-BIS interlocking blocks for high mileage, superior handling and low rolling resistance and a blade density that provides very high levels of winter and wet performance. This wet and winter performance is further improved thanks to a new compound, which gives low rolling resistance and low noise. In addition to this, the tread volume and design give high mileage potential, low rolling resistance, low noise and enhanced handling. A further benefit from the tread design and construction is the ability to maintain a high level of traction as the tread depth reduces through wear. 
The carcass for both tires is designed for the demanding life of a municipal tire with, amongst many other features, ‘super tensile’ steel belts. This innovative construction improves crack resistance and internal corrosion, due to reducing internal strain and allowing full rubber penetration between the cords with the added benefit of weight reduction. The construction improves handling, rolling resistance and protection against damage from kerbing.
The new tires replace the Goodyear Metro MCS summer tire range and the Metro MCD, which were both M&S tires. This simplifies the choice for operators and provides tires that are suitable all year round.
The tires, which are regroovable and retreadable, will be available commencing September 2009 in the following sizes:

UrbanMax MCA         UrbanMax MCD Traction
275/70R22.5              275/70R22.5

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