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            january 21, 2020

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LKW Walter

CILF 2020

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LKW Walter
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Safe transport of Reinforcement mats


Krone offers an innovative load securing solution with the new Profi Liner Multi Steel. Reinforcement mats with a length of 5.0 - 6.0m and a width of 2.0 - 3.0m can be secured. Lattice girders and 2D/3D elements can also be secured easily using this new system.
The Osnabrück-based forwarder Siegfried Serrahn, co-initiator of the development of this new vehicle, commented:
“The new Profi Liner Multi Steel has significantly increased safety features compared with conventional down-strapping tension straps systems. This innovative Krone system provides considerable time saving during loading/unloading and faster, more flexible handling.”
Conventional reinforcement mats are strapped down with a lot of effort and time. The strappings exert pressure on the load, thus the friction between load and load floor is increased. However, with flexible reinforcement mats this pressure can be reached through down-strapping with immense effort only. As form-fitting is the best load securing method for all load items, this naturally also applies to reinforcement mats.
The variable post system made by Krone guarantees this form-fitting and is suited for securing reinforcement mats according to the load securing regulation VDI 2700.
“Thanks to the post technique, it is possible to transport higher and wider payloads, compared to other solutions recommended in the loading regulations.”  Commented Thorsten Perk, Krone Chief Project Engineer.
Another advantage to the Multi Steel is the small amount of effort that is required to correct load securing. According to the standards and regulations, it is much quicker than with conventional securing methods.
The empty weight of the Krone Profi Liner Multi Steel, including the load securing equipment, amounts to approx. 6.6 tons. It’s load capability enables the transport of steel mats with a height of up to 2,000mm. Used as a flat deck trailer, this vehicle is able to transport any cargo up to a height of 2,725mm. For an optimum load securing of steel mats, a total of 18 plug-in posts, 6 extendable post receptions per side and 6 lashing winches (both for steel cables and strapping belts) are available. The front steel mat package is secured in travel direction by means of two cross bars put on the plug-in posts and supported by the specially designed chassis. The rear steel mat package is additionally secured by diagonal strapping over the front and rear plug-in posts with one tension strap each.
The new Krone Profi Liner Multi Steel complies with the German standard DIN EN 12642 Code XL, which is certified by TÜV Nord.   

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