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            january 20, 2019

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Fuzhou and Ningde Port to be merged


South Eastern China's Fujian province plans to complete the merger of its Fuzhou Port and Ningde Port in the course of the year, Xinhua reported.
Ningde port has four port areas and a usable coast line of 222.9 kilometres, able to accommodate 211 berths with a potential annual capacity of over 400 million tonnes.
Fuzhou port is one of China's major seaports and shipping hubs. It has four port areas and 118 berths in operation, 37 have a capacity of over 10,000 tonnes. The port is operating 12 international shipping lines serving some 40 countries and regions.
Fujian seaports have a total of 391 berths in operation, 100 have more than 10,000 tonnes capacity, with an aggregate capacity of 230 million tonnes. Container handling capacity stands at nine million TEU. Its major ports of Xiamen and Fuzhou have a capacity to 147 million tonnes, or 7.9 million TEU.
Fuzhou earlier completed the merger of its Quanzhou and Putian ports to integrate capabilities and to avoid counter productive rivalries.

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