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            october 23, 2019

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Cummins demonstrates clean hybrid application


How Cummins Inc. and its Chinese customers cooperate in developing and using clean power was highlighted this week during a visit from Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who is leading an Indiana delegation on a six-day visit to China. The governor was joined by representatives from the Zhejiang provincial government, technical officer of Hangzhou Public Transit Group (HZPT) and Steve Chapman, Group Vice President of Cummins.
They showed Gov. Daniels a 12-meter hybrid transit bus powered by Cummins Euro IV ISB engine in Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Indiana’s sister province, Zhejiang. The new hybrid bus is one of 50 that were delivered to HZPT and put into service in August. Together with 45 hybrid buses that have been in operation since September 2008, there are 95 hybrid transit buses operating in Hangzhou. All are powered by Cummins Euro IV engines.
“This is a great source of pride to help transport millions of passengers every day in this beautiful city, but also gives us an equal sense of responsibility,” said Chapman. “Public transit buses are the most important and busiest transportation tools for the city. For us, guaranteeing the lowest emissions and the most efficient fuel consumption is a critical part of our commitment to HZPT, the city of Hangzhou and its citizens. The hybrid application represents the good thing that can happen for the environment when we collaborate across continents.”
The experience of HZPT has shown that the hybrid bus powered by Cummins offers significant environmental and energy saving benefits. The buses use 20 percent less fuel and have significantly lower emissions than conventional technologies.
“Cummins has provided us tremendous support while we implement the new hybrid vehicles for public transit service,” said Li Chao, Technical Officer of HZPT. “The low emissions and high reliability delivered by Cummins Euro IV engines make a critical difference for the environmental benefits expected from hybrid applications.”
“Increasingly, and more and more in recent years, Indiana companies have been associated with breakthroughs in clean energy and environmental progress,” said Gov. Daniels. “We always believe that the accent of good business is trust and mutual respects. We are proud of Cummins because throughout its history, and clearly here in China, they have owned respect, owned good will and trust from customers such as HZPT.”
Cummins and HZPT have a long history of cooperation. In the last five years, HZPT has purchased more than 1,300 units of Cummins-powered vehicles, accounting for one-fourth of its total vehicle population. HZPT owns a fleet of more than 5,000 operating vehicles, and delivers one billion passenger trips annually.


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