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            october 21, 2019

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On London Underground contract


First GBRf is starting the fourth year on its ten year contract for London Underground, having laid over 50 km of track during 82 Ballasted Track Renewal (BTR) possessions. The company successfully passed the three-year milestone on the contract, to supply locomotives and deliver raw materials to replace the track on the London Underground, in August, 2009. 
John Smith, MD, First GBRf, says: “I am very proud of the team. Their hard work has enabled London Underground to do the work they intended on each possession. Due to the nature of the project, sometimes we are looking at organising materials for possessions up to five or six weeks in a row, and then at other times we don’t have one for another four weeks. The whole process requires detailed planning at the highest level to keep the project on schedule, which the team has achieved.” 
For work carried out in 2009, First GBRf is also able to report a punctuality rate of more than 90% on all trains running from the depots at Wellingborough, Willesden, Ferme Park and Tonbridge depots, which it uses to stockpile materials to service the area of work. 
Since First GBRf started the contract in August, 2006, it has significantly increased the number of trains it runs for the project from 816 that ran in 2006/07, to 1,175 it ran from 2008/09, representing a 44% increase. These figures include the trains running from First GBRf’s depots to the site of works and all of the supporting locos it deploys to deliver new materials and dispose of waste in preparation for each BTR. 
John Smith comments: “At the time, the London Underground project was the biggest contract win in our history, which we won as we were the only operator able to offer expertise on mainline rail and the Underground. We are on target to achieve the 100th possession by the end of April 2010, and look forward to completing what is proving to be a very exciting project for First GBRf.”

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