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            november 15, 2019

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LKW Walter

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LKW Walter
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Ideal workhorse for stonemasons and sculptors


Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are two of the outstanding traits of the Fuso Canter, making it a true workhorse for trades and crafts. Even stone­masons and sculptors appreciate the qualities and attributes of the Fuso Canter, using it on an increasing basis for their tough day-to-day assign­ments. Whether it be transporting raw materials such as stone blocks and slabs from the quarry to the workshop or moving effigies and gravestones to graveyards or resting places. With its robust, ladder-type frame - a familiar feature on many trucks - and the resulting high payload, it is perfect for heavy-duty work in the natural-stone, horticulture and landscaping sectors.
Its compact exterior dimensions yet high load rating - the Fuso Canter 7C15 (7.5 tonnes perm. GVW), for example, has a chassis load rating of 4.92 t, giving a payload of around 3300 kg, depending on body variant - allow the Canter to be used in places where a larger vehicle would be out of the question, for example on narrow cemetery paths. A chassis width of 1.89 m if the standard twin tyres are fitted - or just 1.69 m if the drive axle is converted to single tyres (special equipment) - make negotiating even the narrowest of approaches child's play. What's more, the Fuso Canter is well-known for its good body-mounting ability: be it a three-way tipper, a tipper with loading crane, a skip loader, or a platform truck with single cab or crewcab - any stonemason or sculptor will be able find a version that is custom-designed for their needs. It is even available with a tipper or platform body ex factory - either with a single cab or with a crewcab.
With a loading crane adapted for the job in hand and remote control, a single operator can even lift heavy gravestones over obstacles to place them in the next row. Furthermore, the cab-over-engine concept makes for an impressive load capacity. Four cabs, four weight categories from 3.5 to 7.5 t perm. GVW and seven wheelbase lengths from 2500 mm to 4470 mm for the top-of-the-range model are testament to the vehicle's versatility, flexibility and model diversity.
An extensive sales organisation and a network of authorised service outlets are on hand to meet all body and conversion requirements. The fully equipped vehicle can be inspected before purchase - either at the Fuso partner's premises or at the Daimler Application Information Centre in Wörth am Rhein (near Karlsruhe), Germany.
The new 3-litre engines introduced recently, all of which comply with the Euro-5 standard and reduce fuel consumption by between five and eight percent compared to their predecessors, lend the model series even more appeal. A further variant compliant with the EEV standard, offering addition­nal benefits for use in inner cities and burdened urban areas, where stone­masons are often on the road, is being unveiled in the coming year. Compared to the already stringent Euro-5 limits, the EEV standard ensures a further reduction in particulate emissions of around a third. Meaning that the Fuso Canter is also ideally prepared to meet the stricter environmental requirements of the future.
The Fuso Canter is a true success story. Production started back in 1963, and the vehicle is now in its seventh generation. Around 3.5 million Canter models have rolled off the production line since launch, making it the world's best-selling light-duty truck in the class between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes perm. GVW. For Europe, these vehicles have been distributed and serviced exclusively by the Daimler sales organisation since 2001.

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