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            october 22, 2019

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CIBE 2019

Busworld 2019

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Setra at the Busworld Kortrijk


The new Setra ComfortClass 400 has its world premiere at Busworld 2009 in Kortrijk. Working closely with the design, production and sales departments, the developers have implemented more than 30 new features in this touring coach model series. The resulting vehicles are not only better-looking than ever, thanks to the updated design treatment of the front corner elements, but also feature an even more comprehensive array of technical refinements including a significantly enhanced safety package.
Commenting on the important role played by the ComfortClass 400 within the Setra product range, Setra brand spokesman Werner Staib said: "The new features of the TopClass 400 have been very well received by our customers; we therefore see excellent prospects for applying the same philosophy to the new ComfortClass 400 and thereby securing our long-term position in the premium segment. What's more, these measures underline how important the Com­fortClass is for us: in 2008, sales of the S 415 GT-HD alone amounted to 300 units making it the best-selling model in the entire Setra product range."

Safety package with Front Collision Guard (FCG)
Safety features were central to the development of the new ComfortClass 400 which is represented on the Setra stand at Kortrijk by an S 415 GT-HD as well as a three-axle S 416 GT-HD/3. An S 415 GT on show in the open-air section of "Busworld" is also equipped with the latest technical highlights. These include the Front Collision Guard (FCG) which can be found in the left-hand-drive versions of the S 415 GT, S 416 GT, S 415 GT-HD, S 416 GT-HD and S 417 GT-HD models of the new ComfortClass 400. The FCG functions as an underride guard in accordance with ECE-R 93 and also meets the requirements of the pendulum impact test used to assess the crashworthiness of a vehicle framework structure in accordance with ECE-R 29. In the event of a front-end collision, the FCG mo­dule with its integrated impact-absorbing structure pushes the driver's area rearwards. Crash tests have confirmed the efficacy of this safety system which offers significantly enhanced passive safety for the driver and tour guide.

Light elements with high-efficiency LED technology
The engineers also focused on active safety with the result that a new light element in the front section illuminates the junction area ahead of the vehicle when turning. Furthermore, the new ComfortClass 400 coaches are equipped with light and rain sensors which respond to changes in lighting and weather conditions and automatically activate the headlamps and windscreen wipers when necessary.
The two marker lights at the top corners of the front of the vehicle feature LED technology for a long service life. The licence plate light and side position lights also use this highly efficient and reliable technology.
A new bank switching system for the highest windscreen-wiper speed setting slows the wipers down as they approach the reversal point; this brings about a significant reduction in the noise level. But this is not the only new feature in this area. The rubber moulding round the 3-mm thick heat-insulating windscreen has been done away with. As well as contributing to the distinctive appearance of the new ComfortClass 400, this change helps to save fuel and reduce wind noise.

Cockpit with 3D instrument cluster and colour display
The drivers also benefit from the changes implemented in the new ComfortClass 400. Their workplace is equipped with a new multifunction steering wheel which has integrated button functions and is optionally available as a leather-trimmed version in carbon fibre, bird's-eye maple or burled wood. The instrument panel with its new switch layout is also optionally available with a wood-effect or carbon-fibre-effect finish. The new 3D-effect instrument cluster matches that of the TopClass 400 and now has a colour display which shows information such as the status of each of the vehicle flaps and also features an integrated trip computer with fuel consumption display.

Camera for entrance II
Travelling in the passenger compartment is now even more enjoyable and com­for­table. High-quality LED technology is optionally available for both the aisle lighting and the reading lamps above each seat. And if the driver or tour guide chooses to show a film or a video, the electrically folding 19-inch monitors mounted on the ceiling ensure a clear view from every row. What's more, camera monitoring of entrance 2 makes it easy for the driver to keep an eye on passengers boarding and alighting – another significant plus for passenger safety.

Trailing axle with individual wheel suspension
The stylish bodywork of the new ComfortClass 400, which is equipped with a weight-optimised roof-mounted air-conditioning system, also conceals a number of attractive new features. These include the electronic level-control system (ENR), which was previously used only in TopClass 400 vehicles, as well as an optimised front axle for enhanced ride comfort.
The wheels of the trailing axle of the three-axle versions of the ComfortClass 400 now have independent suspension which results in a weight saving of 150 kilo­grams. All these measures ensure that the new ComfortClass 400 vehicles offer passengers an even smoother ride. Furthermore, a new generation of the Elec­tronic Braking System (EBS-1C) delivers the optimum brake pressure to each axle. And with the Intarder 3, even greater braking power is available for the LA engines.
The S 415 GT-HD on show in Kortrijk is equipped with an OM 457 LA engine with 315 kW (428 hp) and the automated eight-speed GO 240-8 PowerShift trans­mission which was specially developed for buses and coaches and which is notable for its compact design and low weight.
The output of the three-axle S 416 GT-HD with the same engine/transmission combination is 335 kW (456 hp). The S 415 GT, on show in the open-air section, has an OM457 hLA engine with 300 kW (408 hp) an a GO 190 power-assisted 6-speed manual transmission.

ComfortClass 400 range and features
During the development of the ComfortClass 400 in 2003, Setra took into account the lifting of the legal restriction which limited the length of buses and coaches to twelve metres. The S 415 GT and S 415 GT-HD measure 12,200 mm in length, the S 416 GT is 13,040 mm, the S 416 GT-HD 13,020 mm and the S 417 GT-HD 14,050 mm. The S 419 GT-HD is 14,960 mm. This use of this length concept for touring coaches which double up as private-hire vehicles yields noticeably more interior space while bringing impressive improvements in economy and comfort. The bodyshell design featuring annular frame members gives the vehicle a high degree of torsional strength . As with the TopClass 400 touring coaches, the body framework is protected by cathodic dip painting. At the front end, the vehicles are 60 mm longer than the previous models while the driver's area has been exten­ded by another 140 mm. The front entrance is also 70 mm wider thanks to the longer nose section. This length concept makes it easier for passengers to board and alight at the front door. The designers have managed to gain another 70 mm to provide more generous seat spacing on the right in front of the rear door. Despite the greater length of the vehicles, it has been possible to increase the angle of approach to 7.65° – a real plus when negotiating narrow mountain passes or when entering bus-stop bays.
The 35 new features of the new ComfortClass 400 at a glance:
Front Collision Guard (FCG)
Bank switching for windscreen wipers
Heat-insulating windscreen (3 mm)
Deletion of rubber moulding around windscreen
Rain/light sensor
New cornering light function
New-look front with corner elements
Multifunction steering wheel
Carbon-fibre/leather steering wheel (SE)
Bird's-eye maple/leather steering wheel (SE)
Burled wood/leather steering wheel (SE)
Leather shift/selector lever (SE)
3D-effect instrument cluster
Colour display
Individual flap position sensors with display in instrument cluster
Wood-effect instrument panel (SE)
Carbon-fibre-effect instrument panel (SE)
Bird's-eye-maple-effect instrument cluster (SE)
Intarder 3 with increased braking power for LA engines (SE)
Camera for entrance 2
Fuel consumption display (SE)
LED aisle lighting
LED reading lamps (SE)
LED handlamp with charging point (SE)
Professional-quality vehicle toolkit (SE)
New switch layout in cockpit
New-generation Electronic Braking System (EBS-1C)
Electronic level control (ENR)
Independent wheel suspension on trailing axle of three-axle models
GO 240-8 PowerShift for all models (excluding S 419 GT-HD) (SE)
Weight-optimised roof-mounted air conditioning system
LED marker lights and position lights
LED licence plate light
Optimised front axle
19-inch monitors
New VOSS 232 air ducting

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