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            october 19, 2019

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Finnlines ro-pax ships start calling at Rostock


As announced by the company today, Finnlines will include Rostock in its route network operated by Star-class ro-pax vessels. In the last quarter of 2009, the ships currently plying the route from Travemünde via Gdynia to Helsinki will also call at the German port of Rostock. The intention is to operate a regular liner service with two ships, thus connecting all three ports with three weekly sailings.
The Star-class ro-pax ferries will continue their daily sailings from Travemünde to Helsinki where
they arrive in 27 hours. As a result of the new service from Rostock, the transit time to Gdynia will
shortern considerably. From Gdynia it takes the ships a mere 19 hours to sail to Helsinki.
The new service will enable Finnlines to offer three ports on the Southern Baltic Sea as a gateway
for transports to or from Finland: Travemünde as a port for Western Europe, Benelux and western
Germany; Rostock for the south-eastern part of Germany and Southern and South-Eastern Europe;
and Gdynia for goods flows to and from Poland and Eastern Europe. Consequently, Finnlines'
logistics sector customers can optimise their cargo flows to and from Finland by choosing the most
suitable port. Passengers will now also have an opportunity to choose the shortest route for their
Finland trip and save time and petrol costs. Thanks to the departure from Rostock, a 'short trip' from
Germany to Gdynia near Danzig will shortern considerably and will last only 13 hours. Cultural
exchange between Germany and Poland will thus become more convenient and attractive.
Finnlines will continue to be the only shipping company that provides a direct connection between
Poland and a German port.
"This process-oriented logistical approach will enable us to handle goods flows optimally. The aim of
this strategy is to combine cargo flows and our passengers' requirements by offering various ports
of arrival and departure", comments Uwe Bakosch, Finnlines' CEO and President. "This will also
help us gain the maximum benefit from our ultra-modern Star-class ro-pax vessels. These ships, put
in service in 2006 and 2007, are the largest and fastest in their class, and were specifically built for
the conditions in the Baltic Sea. On our Star-class vessels we can offer our passengers a great
experience: During the voyage, they can relax in the Finnish sauna and the jacuzzi, and enjoy
dinner with a sea view and arrive refreshed at their destination", says Uwe Bakosch.

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