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            october 24, 2019

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Evergreen to raise rates


Evergreen plans to raise rates in December and January on outbound containers from North America to Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East, the Shipping Gazette informs.
Rates will increase US$80 per TEU and $100 per FEU, which will also apply to 40-foot high-cube and 45-footers on dry cargo from Los Angeles to Asia, Australia and the Middle East. From all other ports on the US west coast, east coast rate hike will be $120 per TEU, and $140 per FEU, 40-foot high-cube and 45-foot high-cube container.
On outbound reefers from Tacoma and from interior intermodal cargo points shipped through Tacoma, the rate will increase $250 per 40-foot high-cube from December 1.
Evergreen will apply a separate increase on January 15 of $250 per 40-foot high-cube container on all outbound reefer cargo to those same destinations shipped from all other US west coast ports except Tacoma.
Also on January 15, the carrier will implement a rate hike of $300 per 40-foot high-cube on all outbound reefer cargo to those same destinations shipped from all US east coast ports and IPI shipments through east coast ports.
Evergreen will also implement a December 1 rate hike on all outbound commodities transported from North America to Europe. The increases will be: $150 per TEU, $250 per FEU and 40-foot high-cube container, and $250 on 40-foot high-cube reefer containers. 


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