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            november 20, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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Bodybuilding success with the right chassis


Flexibility and top-class handling are amongst the strengths of the Fuso Canter. Thanks to its stable chassis, the lightweight truck is made for heavy-duty tasks. This benefit is recognised and appreciated by Orcatech, a manufacturer of specialist vehicles for clearing hazardous substances, based in the Sauerland area of Germany. In recent years the company has established itself as market leader in the market for hazardous waste removal vehicles. From its base in Hemer, the manu-fac­turer of special-purpose bodies supplies a network of more than 150 companies and numerous fire services across Europe with robust vehicles which can be deployed in emergency situations.
The highly-manoeuvrable and stable Canters, with their sturdy ladder-type truck frames and consequent ample load-bearing capacity, have made up a sizeable proportion of these vehicles in the last few years. The German specialists have benefited in particular from one feature of the Fuso Canters with a Perm. GVW of 5.5 t and 7.5 t: the fact that these vehicles, distributed by Mitsubishi-Fuso and Mercedes-Benz partners and manu­factured using high-quality and durable materials, can bear the heaviest front-axle loads of any vehicle in their class. Thus, for example, the Canter 5S13 front axle can work without problems with an axle load of up to 2.3 t, and that of the 7C18 with an axle load of up to 3.1 t.
This is a real advantage for the Hemer-based company whose combined vacuum/high-pressure wet cleaning unit for the disposal of oil, paint/ink, varnish and other spills which are hazardous for traffic can be optimally fitted on the front of the stable Fuso truck. The specialist manufacturer has also been impressed by the other attributes of the Canter chassis: with a maximum rear axle load of 3.8 t for the Canter 5S13 and 5.2 t for the Canter 7C18, the specialist bodybuilders from the Sauerland are able to install the complete hydrostatic unit for driving and high-pressure vacuum cleaning operations, spacious clean and waste water tanks for vehicle deployment in the field and all the additional equipment on the Canter trucks. With a chassis width of only 1.89 m for series-production twin-tyre models and of only 1.69 m if the drive axle is modified to a single-tyre model (optional extra), the cleaning vehicles based on the Fuso Canter can also be depended on to cope with narrow access lanes. The powerful, eco-friendly engines and the manual transmission, which is controlled with an easy-to-operate joystick, make the vehicle responsive to drive and thus ensure that it will get to the place of operation in good time.
The operators experience for themselves the further benefits of the Canter trucks while on the job: up until now, they had to pick up by hand the loose pieces of undesired material on the road surfaces, such as oil absorbent pads, not collected up by the converted tractors usually used as clean-up vehicles; and they were therefore exposed to the traffic. They can now carry out this task safely and securely, seated in the fully-equipped cabin of the cab-over-engine truck which has the high-performance Mitsubishi Fuso climate control system fitted as standard by Orcatech. The control panel for the cleaning head is built in between the comfortable seats in the Canter cabins. The large windows of the lightweight cab-over-engine truck and a supplementary external camera for controlling the side-mounted cleaning unit make it even easier to set the precise track of the cleaning implement.
The Fuso Canter is a truly successful model. It has been in production since 1963 and today is in its seventh generation. Since its launch, some 3.5 million Canters have rolled off the assembly lines around the world; this makes it the world’s best-selling vehicle for the lightweight truck class between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes Perm. GVW. Daimler’s sales organisation has had sole European distribution and service rights since 2001.

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