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            september 22, 2019

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Night-flight ban threatens thousands of jobs


An extraordinary works meeting is being held at Lufthansa Cargo this afternoon. It will in effect
lead to a two-hour stoppage in freight handling at Frankfurt Airport. The Lufthansa Cargo
Corporate Works Council is staging the meeting to underline its firm opposition to the threatened
imposition of a ban on night flights at Frankfurt Airport.
"An outright ban on night flights poses a risk to many thousands of jobs in Frankfurt, Europe's
biggest air cargo hub", emphasised Willi Rörig. "Whereas some industries are being supported
with billions of euros in the crisis, a healthy industry here is being forced to its knees."
At a regular works meeting a few days ago, Lufthansa Cargo Chairman Carsten Spohr pointed
out: "The logistics services industry is the second biggest industry in Hesse. And the three
biggest employers in Hesse are logistics services companies. In view of that, it is entirely obvious
that an absolute ban on night-flight operations would not only massively weaken the Rhine-Main
region but also serious damage Germany's position generally as an export motor."
In order to minimise inconvenience to customers as a result of the stoppage, Lufthansa Cargo is
employing extra staff during the morning and evening shifts.
The State Premier in Hesse, Roland Koch, was presented with a petition urging retention of night
flights at Frankfurt Airport a few weeks ago. The petition, signed by 4,000 people, was organised
by the Lufthansa Cargo Corporate Works Council.
The extraordinary works meeting is taking place at Cargo City North (Gate 25) facing the
Lufthansa Cargo Center (LCC), Building 420, at 14.00 hours (2 pm) today. Corporate Works
Council Chairman Willi Rörig will be meeting media representatives at 13.30 hours ( 1.30 pm).

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