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            october 21, 2019

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LKW Walter
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Vizada launches new Universal CardTM prepaid crew communications service


Vizada, the independent satellite communications provider, today launches a new generation of its Universal CardTM. This prepaid service enables crew members to use the Internet on board ship, in addition to making voice calls and sending emails and text messages.
With the Universal Card, crew can use their FleetBroadband Internet connection for instant messaging, webmail and browsing. Costs are charged directly to the crew on a single reloadable card, significantly reducing administration for the IT & communications officer.  
To ensure that the prepaid service is as cost-efficient as possible, Vizada has developed a web compression tool which reduces the size of web page images and blocks applications such as video streaming or flash animations, which typically consume high levels of data. It allows crew members to get up to four times as much out of their Universal Card credit. 
Through Vizada’s online portal The Source®, ship managers can activate and manage the web compression tool remotely avoiding the need for software or a separate device to be installed on board ship. 
“This is an important step for crew communications as it gives personnel on board the freedom to completely manage their own communications budget,” said Erik Ceuppens, CEO, Vizada EMEA & Asia. “The Universal Card is really unique in providing a simple, all-in-one service at significantly less cost than other solutions on the market.”

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