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            october 18, 2019

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Cruises are on a positive trend


In spite of the crisis, shipping cruise companies have a positive trend, according to Logistics Finland. Italian MSC Crociere reached 1mn passengers in 2009, its offer increased a 22% year-on-year and it increased a 30% on the Italian market. During winter 2009, booking increased a 35%. Royal Caribbean International-Celebrity Cruises increased its turnover by 30%, and the number of passengers rose a 38%, while bookings for 2010 were 20% up. As for Costa Crociere, it exceeded 1.2mn passengers in 2009, and aims at totalling 1.5mn passengers in 2010. Both the offer and the number of bookings in the last months of 2009 rose a 30%. Among the host ports with more passengers are Civitavecchia-Roma with 1.8mn people, Venice and Naples with 1.2mn people each. In general companies keep on receiving and ordering further units. European construction firms count 38 cruise ships contracts between 2009 and 2012, for a capacity of 84,460 passengers. Almost half of this figure is for the European market. Such tendency is also due to a 5%-10% price drop, with peaks of 20% or 30%, and seasonally adjusted periods and itineraries. Furthermore, companies launched family incentives and last minute offers, and signed agreements with airlines to carry tourist to host ports.

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