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            october 15, 2019

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LKW Walter
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Cargotec to refurbish Singapore cement terminal


In January Cargotec won a substantial new refurbishment contract from major cement importer Sin Heng Chan Cement Terminal in Singapore, which will see the company's local bulk handling services branch upgrade Sin Heng Chan's Siwertell ST-490F ship unloader.
In July 2009 Cargotec in Singapore successfully supervised a service project. The customer was pleased and shortly thereafter, a new meeting was held to discuss the refurbishment of the Siwertell ST-490F ship unloader.
"The contract came about through excellent teamwork from Cargotec's bulk handling services in Bjuv, Sweden, coupled with good co-operation from the local branch office in Singapore, as well as a long-standing relationship with Sin Heng Chan Cement Terminal," says Daniel Frostberg, Cargotec bulk handling services sales manager.
The refurbishment project will involve the upgrade of part of the Sin Heng Chan Cement Terminal and its Siwertell ship unloader to a new and improved design. The unloader will also be updated with the latest versions of both hardware and software to simplify operations. This will provide an improved alarm monitoring system and secure spare parts supply. It will also reduce wear and tear costs and improve the performance and reliability of the upgraded element of the terminal and the Siwertell ship unloader.

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