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            october 14, 2019

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"Humans and the Sea: a Long Way towards Harmony"


The XIII International Seminar “Humans and the Sea: a Long Way towards Harmony” organized by
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping will take place in St. Petersburg on 21-22 October 2010.
The International Maritime Organization has declared 2010 as the Year of Seafarer. It is not simply a
slogan, but an appeal to decisive action!
In recent decades, the maritime community has focused ever more on the man-to-nature interaction.
The desire to minimize the human factor negative influence on the world fleet accident rate through
comprehensive implementation and absolute compliance with the basics of safety culture, to restore
the profile of maritime vocation, to ensure a reasonable balance between nature management and
conservation of the fragile ecosystem of our planet as the natural human habitat. These are but a few
tasks at resolving of which the maritime industry is currently concentrated.
‘For thousands of years, mankind has been trying to cognize the mysteries of seas and oceans, deifying
them, on the one hand, and using them to its own needs – on the other. Nowadays, people who
understand the sea and feel anxious about its fate combine their efforts so as to lay a solid foundation
of the would-be building named Quality Shipping, using a modern approach and advanced
technologies. This path is long and thorny, but as the ancients said, “A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step”. I have no doubt that a solution to this difficult task is feasible through
cooperation and mutual understanding among all parties concerned’, said Nikolay Reshetov, the RS
Director General.
Offered to the participants of the Seminar will be such urgent issues as development of international
standards for ships navigating in polar waters, further elaboration of goal-based standards for the
design and construction of oil tankers and bulk carriers, global PSC regimes activities and many
others. Bearing in mind the UN has declared 2010 as the Year of Biological Diversity, due attention
will be paid to actions in the shipping industry, aimed at minimizing the human impact on the Earth
climate, at reducing the transfer of harmful pathogens with ballast water as well as to other marine
ecology related issues.
RS calls all maritime industry representatives for cooperation and invites them to participate in the
XIII International Seminar that will take place in St. Petersburg on 21-22 October 2010.

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