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            january 17, 2020

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Wilhelmsen Ships Service acquires full ownership in Japan


Wilhelmsen Ships Service announces today that it has purchased the remaining 49% of Aall & Company’s interest in Wilhelmsen Aall Ships Service Pte Ltd, in Japan. The move establishes Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s complete 100% ownership of Wilhelmsen Aall Ships Service fully absorbing what was previously a joint venture company formed with Aall & Company in 2005. 
Ships agency services and maritime logistics had been provided in Japan by Wilhelmsen Aall Ships Service and these will combine with the full range of services offered by Wilhelmsen Ships Service to give a seamless continuity to customers under the new Wilhelmsen Ships Service banner across the region.   
Neal de Roche, Area Director North East Asia explains the process. “A management restructure during 2008 moved Wilhelmsen Aall Ships Service considerably forward” he said. “Customer feedback over the next couple of years was very positive and the company gained considerable market share in that period.” 
Wilhelmsen Ships Service then took steps to acquire 100% ownership of Wilhelmsen Aall Ships Service, with the objective of accelerating the combination of resources and business opportunities within the existing Wilhelmsen Ships Service entities already in Japan.     
De Roche adds “It has always been our priority to ensure we operate with daily Wilhelmsen Ships Service values, governance and policies. This acquisition will allow us to move at a faster pace in aligning ourselves with the overall strategy and vision we have for the future in the region.” 
The acquisition will benefit Wilhelmsen Ships Service providing an improved offer towards its customer base, internally synergies, location and overall teamwork approach for Japan. 
Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies Unitor marine products, technical services, ships agency services and maritime logistics.

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