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            october 24, 2019

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Transfennica includes Tilbury in Bilbao service


Transfennica has decided to include a weekly direct call to Tilbury from Bilbao. Customers asked for this possibility and to accommodate the market Transfennica will add Tilbury to the Iberia schedule. As from the 7th of May, the Friday evening sailings from Bilbao will call Tilbury on Sundays at 14.00 hrs and after discharging the vessel will head for Zeebrugge.
The direct connection has many advantages as Transfennica offers a fast transit time from Spain to the London area. The end of the week is traditionally busy for export to the UK.
Customers  now have the option to ship a substantial part of their Thursday and Friday collections during the weekend and to deliver all over the UK by Monday morning. The direct service to Tilbury is also perfectly suited for out of gauge, heavy and hazardous cargo.
 Mr. Michael van den Heuvel, Director of Transfennica, explains: “The 48 hour working week legislation is an increasing problem for international hauliers. The longer the distance, the higher the loss of productivity. Our service is giving hauliers an important tool to manage productivity much better by shipping unaccompanied which is also cheaper than driver accompanied. Whilst a trailer is, on sea, sailing to its destination, drivers and tractor units can do other work”.

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