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            january 17, 2020

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Arkas purchases two new vessels set to be Turkey’s largest container ships


Arkas continues to invest in vessels, expanding its fleet with the purchase of two 2,500 TEU container ships constructed at the Volkswerft Stralsund Shipyard owned by the Hegemann Yard Group.
By taking delivery of Vivien A in Germany today Arkas has increased the number of Turkish-flag vessels in its fleet to 31.

Turkey’s largest container ship
Arkas took delivery of the first of the two vessels, the M/V Vivien A, on Saturday, May 8th at the shipyard in Germany. At 220 meters in length (two football fields), the Vivien A is Turkey’s largest container ship. If the containers carried by the vessel were lined up end to end, they would be 15 km long. The Vivien A is approximately 50 meters tall and can carry 35,000 tons of cargo. With a top speed of 22 knots (nautical miles per hour), the vessel consumes an average of 35 tons of fuel per day at it most eco speed of 16 knots. The vessel’s can take on 3,000 tons of fuel, and the vessel can travel approximately 24 days without stopping.

The name ‘Vivien A’ was previously given to Arkas’ first vessel
In 1996, when Arkas was establishing its fleet of container ships, it christened the first ship it purchased the Vivien A, which had a capacity of 581 TEU. The name Vivien A was also given to this new vessel.
The Vivien A is the 17th vessel to be obtained from this same shipyard, and its twin will be delivered next year
At the christening ceremony held at Volkswerft Stralsund Shipyard, Hegemann Yard Group Vice CEO, Siegfried Crede, and Arkas Holding Chairman, Lucien Arkas, gave speeches. Both men emphasized the fact that the Hegemann Group and Arkas have developed a healthy partnership based on trust for the past 11 years.
Arkas Holding Chairman, Lucien Arkas said, “To date, the Hegemann Yard Group has built 17 vessels for Arkas. We are very satisfied with the workmanship and quality of all the vessels. Previously, the largest vessel in the Arkas fleet had a capacity of 1,604 TEU. This new vessel’s capacity makes it not only the largest container ship in the Arkas fleet but also the largest container ship in Turkey. We will take delivery of it’s twin next year.”
Arkas continued, “The contraction in foreign trade caused by the global economic crisis in 2009 is giving way to recovery. When we look at the statistics on Turkey’s foreign trade in recent months, the increases in exports and imports indicate that foreign trade is beginning to recover. Because we believe that this situation will have a positive impact on container vessel shipping, we foresee a need and an opportunity, so we have purchased these vessels at an affordable price with appropriate financing. We purchased the Vivien A for 23 million Euro and its twin, which we will take delivery of next year, for 24 million Euro.”

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