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            october 21, 2019

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Hanjin Shipping to adopt eco-friendly reefer containers!


Hanjin Shipping is adopting eco-friendly reefer containers as of June. Adopting eco-friendly reefer containers for the first time, Hanjin Shipping will be receiving 1,000 units from MCIQ starting from the end of May.
In general, when a reefer container is produced ‘Urethane Foam’ and ‘Blowing Agent’ are injected between the inside and outside plates for insulation. This ‘Blowing Agent’ consists of ‘HCFC – 141b’, which has high Global Warming Potential and produces approximately 23 tons of CO2 when exposed to the air during dismantlement while Supotec produces 69kg of CO2. Thus, in order to save the environment, MCIQ created ‘SuPoTec (Sustainable Polyurethane Technology)’ as a substitution for ‘HCFC – 141b’ and has been adopting it to all of its reefer containers.
Pleased with this new technology, Hanjin Shipping has proposed that when ordering or leasing containers, it will adopt eco-friendly containers and is planning on changing all of its existing containers into eco-friendly ones as part of their green management policy. Also, the company expects that these containers can not only help save the environment but also save costs as they are free from environmental regulations when being disposed after more than 10 years.
Meanwhile, Hanjin Shipping will continue its green management including eco-steaming and using eco-friendly containers in order to help save the environment. The company recently developed a CO2 emission calculator on its website where its customers can calculate the amount of CO2 emission according to their cargo and destinations.

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