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            october 23, 2019

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Wilhelmsen Ships Service completes R-22 changeover for UASC's vessels


Wilhelmsen Ships Service has completed a contract which has resulted in R-22 refrigerant changeover for 10 vessels belonging to the United Arab Shipping Company (UASC). The contract is the single largest order that Wilhelmsen Ships Service has received for R-22 changeover in this region, with an estimated value of USD 0.5M.
As part of its strong commitment to the environment, Wilhelmsen Ships Service is firmly focussed on legal trade with marine refrigerants. The company has a comprehensive knowledge of the global development of
regulations that supports the phase-out of ozone depleting HCFC refrigerants, this expertise enables customers to decide and plan the best way forward for their vessels.  
UASC is recognized as one of the largest Middle East based ocean carriers of containerized cargo.  The Company owns 27 ships and operates a total of 54 vessels, with nine more ships to be added to its fleet in the coming 2 years.
In line with the company's active fostering of environment friendly practices, UASC acknowledged the green advantages of converting the R22 refrigerant system on board its vessels and engaged Wilhelmsen Ships
Service's expertise to implement the conversion.
The vessels' refrigeration systems have been modified to accommodate R-417A, which was supplied by Wilhelmsen Ships Service. The changeover has become necessary on all vessels following EU regulations restricting the use of R-22 on EU flagged vessels which came into force on 1 January 2010. Although UASC vessels are not EU-flagged, the company has a strong environmental focus and is keen to ensure that it keeps ahead of international environmental developments.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service offers qualified and highly skilled refrigeration technicians to handle these retrofits. The company's world-wide network has during the last months conducted approximately one vessel changeover per day, this both during dry-dockings and voyage. By completing the project at
sea, there are no interruptions to the day-to-day operation of the ship.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service can also offer safe and legal destruction of the old refrigerant through their Environmental-Return Management Programme.

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