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            october 14, 2019

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20th meeting of the second session of the board


On 25 August, China COSCO convened the 20th meeting of the second session of the Board.  The meeting was held in video conference at both Beijing Ocean Plaza and Hong Kong COSCO Ocean Building. Chairman WEI Jiafu presided the meeting. ZHANG Fusheng, Vice Chairman, the directors including  ZHANG Liang LI, Jianhong XU Lirong, SUN Yueying and CHEN Hongsheng, as well as independent directors including LI Boxi, Alexander Reid HAMILTON, CHENG Mo Chi and TEO Siong Seng attended the meeting.  Other participants included LI Yunpeng (Chairman of Supervisory Committee), MA Jianhua (Supervisor), LUO Jiulian (Supervisor), YU Shicheng (Supervisor), MENG Yan (Supervisor), SUN Jiakang (Executive Vice President), XU Zunwu (Executive Vice President), YE Weilong (Executive Vice President), XU Minjie (Executive Vice President), LIU Guoyuan(Chief Law Officer),HE Jiale (Chief Financial Officer), ZHANG Yongjian (Secretary of the Board).  The meeting examined and discussed 4 items related to the semi-annual results announcement of 2010 and 6 items related to operations.  All the proposals were accepted with unanimous approval.
On the same day, China COSCO held the 13th Meeting of the Second Session of the Supervisory Committee. Chairman LI Yunpeng chaired the meeting. MA Jianhua, LUO Jiulian, YU Shisheng and MENG Yan attended the meeting. The meeting examined and passed China COSCO semi-annual report (A&H shares) of 2010, Summaries of China COSCO semi-annual report (A shares) and China COSCO Interim Results Announcement of 2010 (H shares), etc.


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