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            october 17, 2019

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Safmarine gets closer to Indian Subcontinent customers by inaugurating new ISC Region


Liner shipping company Safmarine Container Lines is pleased to announce the formation of a new Region in its global organisation to further enhance the difference being made by Safmariners around the world to customers trading to and from the Indian Subcontinent (ISC). 
To celebrate the occasion, CEO Tomas Dyrbye announced the news to Indian customers last Friday (October 1, 2010) at an event in Mumbai, the appointed location of the new ISC regional headquarters. 
Speaking at the inaugural Exim/Arshiya Maritime and Logistics Awards Ceremony the evening before, Dyrbye said the formation of the Safmarine ISC Region was a clear indication of how important the Indian sub-continent (ISC) had become to Safmarine. 
Dyrbye commented: “Our ambitions are big. We want to grow with you. We are determined that the formation of this region will have tangible benefits for our customers. We want to forge long-term customer relationships, creating good transparency in the value chain and reducing transaction costs for shippers.”    
This new, separate region within Safmarine will cover India as well as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and the Maldives. 
The Indian sub-continent and surrounding countries had previously formed part of the Safmarine West and Central Asia region which included the Arabian Persian Gulf. These countries have now been combined with North African and Levant Countries to serve customers in the newly-established Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

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