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            october 23, 2019

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Lubmarine’s Aurelia TI sets new standards in medium-speed performance


International marine lubricant supplier TOTAL Lubmarine has launched a new product specifically designed to improve the performance and protection of medium-speed engines, while achieving significant savings on maintenance and operational costs.
The new lubricant, Aurelia TI, uses the very latest additive technology available in the market to create a product which facilitates excellent performance in terms of cleanliness, particularly for the engine piston under-crown, and thus offers greatly enhanced protection of the engine itself.  
Patrick Havil, Global Marketing Manager for Total Lubmarine, says, “Today’s new medium-speed engines work at higher operating temperatures and pressures, and with lower oil consumption, so modern marine lubricants need to meet exacting standards and extreme demands. And ship operators now want lubricants which meet the commercial, regulatory and safety requirements not only of today, but also of tomorrow.  
“The current requirement is for a lubricant which can ensure maximum engine protection, irrespective of the type of Heavy Fuel Oil being used. Our customers told us they wanted a high-performance lubricant that needs less maintenance and, moreover, less downtime during maintenance operations. And that is what Lubmarine has given them with Aurelia TI.”  
Aurelia TI has been successfully tested on a wide variety of vessels and diesel power plant , including cruise ships, ferries, and tugs, for a large number of companies which have described its performance as ‘exceptional’ compared to other lubricants currently on the market.  
Patrick Havil says, “Aurelia TI has a superior level of oxidation control compared to other lubricants. This is a significant benefit to ship operators because it reduces the need for oil changes during maintenance overhauls, and cuts down on the duration of maintenance operations involving lubricants. Under certain conditions, and for certain customers, the potential cost savings of using Aurelia TI can be more than thirty per cent on engine overhauls, this in turn leading to significant potential savings on spare parts and labour costs.
Even in the most challenging conditions, Aurelia TI is proven to offer significant savings on maintenance and operational costs.”  
The key to Aurelia TI’s exceptional performance is its high viscosity and BN control, which ensures that the lubricant’s quality is maintained for a longer period of time than is the case with other products. Aurelia TI is specifically formulated to operate effectively under severe conditions, using a specific combination of diverse detergent chemistry which helps maintain a high level of performance while extending the life of the oil, thus reducing the frequency of required oil changes.
Extensive field trials have confirmed that Aurelia TI is suitable for use with the most demanding, highly rated medium-speed diesel engines. In addition, it will be capable of meeting technological advances and new restraints which will be even more stringent than those of today – for example, new designs of engine, and the Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems that will be needed to achieve compliance with future emissions standards and which will reduce the level of NOx emissions. 
Aurelia TI is available in a range of Base Numbers to meet individual engine specifications, and has been approved by all major medium-speed diesel engine manufacturers. Since its launch in June 2010, Aurelia TI has quickly replaced its predecessor, Aurelia XL, as the lubricant of choice for Lubmarine’s customers.

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