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            october 23, 2019

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Evergreen enhances its Intra Mediterranean feeder network


In order to provide better services in the Mediterranean, effective from January 2011 Evergreen Line will divide its existing Adriatic Levant (ADL) service and Greek Turkey Service (GTS), creating four new separate routings.  Additionally, the North Africa Feeder Service (NAF) will be upgraded to a weekly service.
The existing Adriatic Levant (ADL) services will become Adriatic-Levant Loop 1 (ADL1) and Adriatic-Levant Loop 2 (ADL2), while the existing Greek Turkey Service (GTS) will become Greek Feeder Service (GFS) & Turkey-Levant Service (TRL).
The new Adriatic-Levant Loop 1 (ADL1) will deploy two 1,200teu vessels with new direct calls at Ravenna and Beirut.  The port rotation is:
The new Adriatic-Levant Loop 2 (ADL2) will deploy two 1,200teu vessels with the following port rotation:
The new Greek Feeder Service (GFS) will deploy a 900teu vessel with the following port rotation:
The new Turkey-Levant Service (TRL) will deploy two 1,000teu vessels with new direct calls at Alexandria and Ashdod.  The port rotation is: Taranto−Istanbul−Haydarpasa−Gemlik−Izmir−Alexandria−Ashdod−Taranto
The upgraded North Africa Feeder Service (NAF) will deploy two 700teu vessels with a new direct call at Benghazi.  The port rotation is: Taranto−Benghazi−Misurata−Tunis−Taranto
A company spokesperson stated: ‘With these upgraded feeder routings, Evergreen Line will provide customers with improved operational efficiency, greater capacity, wider port coverage and quality services to and from the Mediterranean, connecting to our extensive global networks.’  

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