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            september 21, 2019

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New Global Partner Manager joins Envirotainer


Envirotainer has announced that Andy Faes has joined Bourji Mourad and Don Harrison as Global Partner Manager.
"Employing Andy is part of our current build-up of a dedicated partner management team. Andy will take responsibility for developing global partner accounts and building new partner relations in Europe, Middle East and Far East. In his role as Global Partner Manager he will work to develop close relations with both
Envirotainer Healthcare Sales and our Operations department with focus on these regions, along side with our since many years trusted and successful colleague Mr Bourji Mourad," said Björn Siloo, Managing Director Business Development. "Andy, with his background and experience, will be a great addition to the rest of the team and will strengthen Envirotainer's position in the market even further."
Andy has many years experience at American Airlines in very diverse and complex roles. Working in Regional Account and Network Manager Cargo Sales EMEA, he has led the temperature control efforts for the region, and built up a wide knowledge of global airfreight and logistics. His involvement in developing regulatory and
temperature control solutions will contribute to Envirotainer's development and ongoing growth in the marketplace.
Thomas Persson, CEO of Envirotainer, said: "In order to be able to invest in our fleet as well as new cold chain management tools, it is important that Envirotainer maintains sustainable and profitable growth and I am happy to report that in 2010 we continued to build on the progress made in the past two years, growing by more than 10% and for 2011 we expect to see continued strong growth from Europe and North America to Asia. South America is becoming a fast growing market and we forecast further potential in countries such as Japan, China, Singapore and India.
"In addition, launching the RAP e2 container to complement our e-technology fleet is an important step in offering our customer the possibility to ship larger quantities of temperature sensitive goods with very strict temperature requirements. We have seen that this segment of the market is growing and so are the volumes of the individual shipments. Besides increasing our RKN e1 fleet we will focus on manufacturing the RAP e2 container to cover for these larger shipments to offer a competitive and ecological solution compared to multiple smaller shipments."
Andy Faes commented: "I am looking forward to helping Envirotainer capitalize on the growth projected. I will focus on adding to my existing skills by learning from Envirotainer's market-leading expertise, and through this contribute to the strategic work with key shippers, airline and forwarding customers. In the meantime,
I will continue to constantly analyze the competitive environment to develop new initiatives and be one step ahead of the competition while maintaining the integrity of the temperature controlled products in the interest of the patients at the end of the logistics chain."

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