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            january 18, 2020

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LKW Walter

CILF 2020

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LKW Walter
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Eurowings relies on IT from Lufthansa Systems for its flight operations


The German airline Eurowings has decided to use the flight planning solution Lido/Flight and the electronic flight bag solution Lido/FlightBag from Lufthansa Systems for its flight operations. Lido/Flight enables fuel savings of up to five percent due to optimized flight routes. At the same time, Lido/FlightBag provides pilots with access to the electronic navigation charts of the Lido/eRouteManual as well as operations manuals and can reduce the printing and distribution costs of an airline. 
"With Lido/Flight and Lido/FlightBag we have decided for two market-leading solutions. Besides the strong savings potential of the systems, it was important for us to obtain both solutions from a provider with whom we are already enjoying a close cooperation," explains Denis Gros, Head of Operational Services Flight Operations at Eurowings.  
Lido/Flight covers all aspects of flight planning and provides dispatchers with a host of optimization options regarding flight time, fuel consumption or costs of each flight. The system reports the latest airspace restrictions, airport data and weather and automatically suggests alternative routes if necessary. An additional briefing portal enables the airline to make online duty rosters accessible for its crew members at any time and any place.  
Lido/FlightBag is a technologically advanced solution and a major step for carriers to achieve the paperless cockpit. It replaces most of the pilots’ paper manuals and other working materials. Therefore print and delivery costs can be reduced by up to 10,000 US-Dollar per aircraft annually. Additionally, a reduced fuel and paper consumption also eases the environmental impact. Through the integrated cost index operations solution Pacelab CI Ops from PACE Corporation, the pilots are also able to process cockpit cost-index calculations to make economic decisions and to choose the optimal speed. 
Besides Lido/Flight and Lido/FlightBag, Eurowings also decided for the performance management solutions Lido/TakeOff and Lido/Landing. With Lido/TakeOff the optimal take-off thrust can be calculated, which reduces the wear of the engines. Using Lido/Landing at a later stage, pilots can calculate the optimal parameters for the landing processes. Both are integrated components of Lido/FlightBag. 
"Eurowings’ decision to use our solutions for their flight operations underlines the positive experience gained from our close cooperation in the past. Because of the integration with the systems currently in use like NetLine/Sched, NetLine/Crew and NetLine/Ops, this is a milestone for the integrated control of their flight operations", says Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at Lufthansa Systems.  
For more than 30 years Eurowings has offered short and medium-haul flights throughout Europe. Besides operating scheduled flights for Lufthansa Regional, the company offers charter flights. The Eurowings fleet currently consists of 31 modern CRJ200 and CRJ900 regional aircraft.

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