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            september 21, 2019

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Resolutions approved by the 2011 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of SAS AB


The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting on Monday, 11 April 2011, approved the motion put forward by the Nomination Committee regarding the re-election of the following Board members of SAS AB: Fritz H. Schur, Jacob Wallenberg, Dag Mejdell, Monica Caneman, Jens Erik Christensen, Gry Mølleskog, and Timo Peltola.
Fritz H. Schur was re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
The Meeting resolved that no dividend would be paid to shareholders for the financial year 2010.
It was resolved that the Nomination Committee shall comprise six members and shall prepare proposals to be presented at the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting in 2012  for resolution regarding:
- Chairperson of the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting
- the number of Board members, and directors' fees, divided between the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, other members and any remuneration for work on Board committees
- election of Board members and Chairperson of the Board
- fees for the Company's auditors
- Nomination Committee for the 2013 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.
The following members were elected to the Nomination Committee: Marianne Förander, Ministry of Finance, for the Swedish government; Peter Brixen, Ministry of Finance, for the Danish government; Knut Utvik, Ministry of
Trade and Industry, for the Norwegian government; Peter Wallenberg Jr. for the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation; Karsten Biltoft for Denmark's Nationalbank, and Anders Rydin for SEB Funds. The election of the Chairman for the Nomination Committee, replacement of members during their terms of office and replacement of shareholder representatives owing to a substantial reduction in shareholding, shall take place in accordance with the written instructions resolved upon by the Annual General Shareholder's Meeting.
On other matters, the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting also voted in accordance with the proposals contained in the notification of the Meeting, including the proposed amendments of the articles of association.

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