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            september 21, 2019

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High growth figures at OSL in April


Traffic growth in April was abnormally high because of the ash from the Eyjafjallajøkull volcano in Iceland in April last year. But even corrected for this, growth was still about 13%.
In April, 1,651,418 passengers travelled through Oslo Airport. That is 530,904 or 47.4% more than in April 2010. International traffic grew by 296,082 or 50.4% and domestic by 234,822 or 44.0%. The number of aircraft movements in April was 17,447, an increase of 3,192 or 22.4% compared to April last year.
The volcanic eruption last year led to the airspace over Oslo Airport being closed from 15 April and traffic did not resume until early in the morning of 19 April. Because of the situation elsewhere in Europe, traffic did not return
to normal until the beginning of May. It is estimated that Oslo Airport lost 350,000 passengers because of the ash problems.

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