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            january 21, 2020

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LKW Walter
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Dynamic, economical, comfortable: the new 9-speed automatic transmission by ZF


At the International VDI Conference "Transmissions in Vehicles 2011", ZF Friedrichshafen AG presents an automatic transmission with nine speeds for passenger cars with transverse-installed engine and front-wheel drive. It achieves top values in the customer-relevant disciplines: fuel efficiency, comfort, driving dynamics. Thanks to the construction kit principle, the basic transmission can be supplemented in line with special requirements. Hybrid and all-wheel drive as well as the stop-start function can be realized in an outstandingly
economic way - without necessitating any other modifications.
Nine speeds in a passenger car with transverse-installed engine? This is not very easy because the limited vehicle width in this vehicle segment restricts installation space. ZF could only install such a high number of speeds on the basis of a completely new transmission architecture. Why such extreme efforts? The engine
has to operate in its optimal speed range in order to cut fuel consumption. To this end, a high transmission spread with more speeds is required. In the ninth gear and with considerably reduced speed, a cruising speed of 120 km/h is attained. Instead of running with 2,600 revolutions per minute, the engine now operates at only 1,900 revolutions. This impact while be noted upon the next fuel stop: Compared to today's standard 6-speed
automatic transmissions in front-transverse installations, ZF's new 9-speed automatic transmission (9HP) saves up to 16 percent fuel.

Comfortable and sporty
Savings, yes! - but not at the expense of comfort. For this reason, as a standard, the 9HP is equipped with a torque converter: Particularly customers in the USA and the Asian markets esteem its smooth starting processes. The unit was not only optimized in terms of fuel consumption but - just as the entire transmission - also designed for shorter response and shift times, actually below the threshold of perception. This generates a direct and dynamic driving experience; the 9-speed automatic transmission is also ready for use in sporty applications.

Flexible construction kit
The 9HP is designed as a construction kit so that it can be installed in a high number of different vehicles: ZF developed a system with decoupling function (AWD Disconnect) uniquely for its all-wheel drive variant. It actuates the rear-axle drive only when it is needed and thus, saves five percent fuel compared to the permanent allwheel drive. Furthermore, 9HP volume production units are stopstart capable and very easy to hybridize. This diversity is important for the cost-sensible segment of front-transverse vehicles.

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