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            september 21, 2019

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DEN offers online system for tracking air traffic, noise complaints


Denver International Airport (DEN) now offers an enhanced, comprehensive online system for tracking the movement of flights and air traffic patterns within the greater Denver region. WebTrak Flight Tracking and Noise Information System allows the public to research data about flights to and from DEN, Centennial Airport, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Front Range Airport and Buckley Air Force Base, as well as any air traffic that transitions through the region, at www.FlyDenver.com.  The system also simplifies the process of filing a noise complaint, offering a web channel for residents who wish to register concerns regarding noise levels. DEN joins the ranks of airports like Los Angeles International, Seattle-Tacoma and London’s Heathrow in offering WebTrak as a tool to its surrounding community. 
“While we have the luxury of being located on a large parcel of land outside of the city core, we recognize that aircraft noise can still have an impact on our surrounding region,” said Kim Day, Aviation Manager.  “WebTrak allows us to be more transparent and take a more proactive approach to mitigating these impacts, while helping to educate the public on just how busy the Denver airspace is.” 
WebTrak utilizes nearly real-time aircraft data, which originates from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) radar system at the Denver Terminal Radar and Approach Control (TRACON) facility, and retains historical data for flights up to 60 days in the past.  Residents who live on major flight paths can identify precisely which aircraft was most audibly pleasant, annoying, or anything in between.  The system provides information on the aircraft type, altitude, origination/destination airports and flight identification.  WebTrak will also prove useful for future homeowners, realtors or property developers looking to educate themselves on the potential effects of aircraft noise, or on how the Denver airspace is handled over specific neighborhoods.  
With an almost live picture of air traffic in the surrounding community, WebTrak also provides an easy method for filing online nose complaints.  Residents are now able to register grievances about a specific aircraft, or about general air traffic concerns online.  DEN has 27 Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMT) surrounding the airport, and the neighborhoods adjacent to the property, which feed data to WebTrak and create a picture of the sound atmosphere in the area.  
The system displays decibel levels that correspond with aircraft movement in the vicinity, or with noise generated by other sources in the surrounding environment.  Because NMT data has to be processed and matched with flight information from FAA radar feeds, residents have a minimal one-day delay in determining the source of a noise concern and the data is archived for 60 days. 

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