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            november 18, 2019

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LKW Walter

CIBE 2019

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LKW Walter Rus
LKW Walter
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Clear communication for trouble-free service on Airports


Currently, vacation season peaks and like every year, millions of people travel to their summer vacation spots by air. Especially to overcome large distances, aircrafts are the most popular and safest way of travelling.
The same refers to business trips. To ensure that all passengers reach their destination safely and on time, huge efforts of logistics, coordination and finally also communication are required. All this entirely usually happens unseen in the background.
Crucial for a smooth progress in aircraft- and ground-handling is a reliable and clear communication between pilots and air traffic controllers as well as between pilots and ramp agents. “Considering the huge traffic in the air and on the apron, misunderstandings might lead to severe consequences. This is why communication equipment definitely is a key factor for health and safety”, explains Ralf Kudernak, General Manager of Imtradex Hör-/ Sprechsysteme GmbH.
For all parties, the ramp-agents on the apron, Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, Imtradex has developed headsets which are customized for hard and intensive use on airports. Excelling at their light weight, comfort and stability, Communication solutions provided by Imtradex meet heavy demands on day-to-day use in the air and on the ground almost all over the world.
Once in a while, passengers who wait to board the aircraft can hear and imagine the ear-defeating noise on the apron. This is why ramp agents are obeyed to work with hearing protection. Consequently, noise damping and wearing comfort have been taken into account when constructing the AircraftControl headset. A coiled cord, extendable up to 6 meters and of neon yellow colour provides access to the aircraft interphone box, while a robust NC noise cancelling electrets gooseneck microphone cares for optimum speech transmission. The speakers are made of valuable Mylar membranes and provide acoustic noise protection up to 27 decibel while at the same time caring for optimum speech recognition. Certainly, the AircraftControl headset is waterproof, to also ensure optimum communication conditions on rainy days.
With the Pilot series, Imtradex furthermore provides various headsets for pilots. Depending on the background noises in
cockpits, as well as the preferred number of speakers (monaural/ binaural) you can chose among the Pilot XS, Pilot XD or Pilot DB. On scheduled passenger flights, pilots most commonly use the Pilot XS, a lightweight monaural headset, most suitable in rather silent environments. Same refers to the Pilot XD, the binaural version of the lightweight Pilot series. The only difference is the second speaker on the XD. “For Pilot headsets, we also attach great importance to wearing comfort, which we provide for example by comfortable leatherette ear cushions and Spacer-Distance-Clips which slightly lift the speakers from the ears and within allow a convenient way of wearing, as well as listening to environmental conversations.
Usually, this is much appreciated on long-distance flights”, emphasizes Ralf Kudernak. The Pilot DB provides the optimum solution for pilots, working in rather loud environments like cargo planes, helicopters or on acrobatic flights. This anti-noise headset is equipped with a robust noise cancelling (NC) gooseneck microphone, which allows voice transmission despite environmental noises. Therefore, the speaker capsules furthermore provide noise damping of up to 27 dB. ”Though all technical demands on robustness and safe communication haven been taken into account,” the General Manager resumes, “the Pilot DB nevertheless provides a light weight and high wearing comfort”.

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