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            september 18, 2019

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airBaltic nominated best among world’s airlines for innovations


The Latvian national airline airBaltic has been nominated as one of the Top 6 airlines in the world for innovations in generating ancillary revenue. The decision to nominate airBaltic in the category Best Ancillary Revenue Innovation comes from a panel of independent judges of the World Low Cost Airlines Congress.
airBaltic’s travel megastore offers a range of products and services that generate ancillary revenue – airBalticBag, travel insurance, check-in luggage, hotels, car rentals, BalticBike bicycle rentals, BalticTaxi services, Airport Express shuttle bus services, roses in the sky, organic meals, Baltic Water, airBalticCard Mobile prepaid phone card, advance seat reservation, etc.
The jury of the World Low Cost Airlines Congress has nominated six airlines for the Best Ancillary Revenue Innovations category – airBaltic, Vueling, Spirit, SkyExpress, Ink, Qantas.
airBaltic has previously won the Pacesetter Award from the Jury of the Budgies World Low Cost Airline Awards, recognising achievements of airBaltic as a trendsetting hybrid airline. airBaltic has also received the title of Airline of the Year 2009/2010 (Gold Award) from the European Regions Airline Association. airBaltic is also the winner of Air Transport World Phoenix Award 2010 – a global recognition of excellence in restructuring business, an award that has the same meaning for airlines as the Oscar award for filmmakers.

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