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            january 29, 2020

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AviancaTaca orders four new A4330-200s


Columbia's AviancaTaca has placed an order for four Airbus 330-200 freighters, which will be operated by its cargo subsidiary, Tampa, from December 2012, according to the Shipping Gazette. 
The freighters currently in use at Tampa will be phased out and replaced with the new aircraft, reports Air Cargo World. The new freighters will be deployed on international routes, targeting importers and exporters in the region.
"Seeing the growing demand for capacity for freight in the north-south centres of the Americas, and from there to other continents, we have taken the decision to make a strong bet on this side of our business," said Fabio Villegas Ramirez, chief executive of the Bagota-based company.
The order comes amid a cargo expansion of 32 per cent, following the deployment earlier this month of a Boeing 767-300 F-ER. The company already operates four Boeing 767-200 ER SF aircraft.
The company's storage space at Bogata's El Dorado Airport's international cargo terminal has also been expanded by 200 per cent, including a significant increase in the carrier's available cold-chain storage space.

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