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            september 22, 2019

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The Government approved Estonian Air’s new strategy


The Government approved Estonian Air’s new business strategy today, that focuses on providing better air connections to and from Estonia. The state will invest 30 million Euros in the airline to renew its fleet, widen choice of destinations and increase flight frequencies. 
According to Tero Taskila, the President of Estonian Air, the long-term benefits of the investments are much greater than the initial investment value. “Turning the airline into a profitable is time consuming process, but Estonian economy will get additional revenue from the moment the first additional visitor is brought to the country by opening new routes from Tallinn,“  Taskila said. 
According to the new strategy, during 2012-2013 Estonian Air will focus on strengthening the company’s economical situation and restructuring. Estonian Air wants to firm its position in Scandinavia and the Baltics. That enables the company to achieve sustainable growth and improve its economical results.  
In 2012 Estonian Air will open several new destinations in European’s most important cities as well as regional centres in Scandinavia. The logic behind the selection of these destinations is to develop Tallinn into a hub to bring more passengers to Estonia who use Tallinn Airport as a transfer point in their journey onwards.   
Starting from 2014, Estonian Air is ready to look at the opportunities provided by Estonia’s geographical location. Reaching financial sustainability, Estonian Air can consider possibilities to offer long haul flights together with international partner airlines.  
Taskila added that in order to implement the new strategy, Estonian Air should have modern and effective fleet. “We are planning to add five new Bombardier CRJ aircraft which enables the company to replace the Boeings and decrease operational costs,” Taskila said.  
First  4 new aircraft will be delivered to Estonian Air already in 2012. Three aircraft out of five will replace the existing Boeings, two will enable the company to grow. Bombardier CRJ is the most efficient aircrafts in its class. 
The new strategy will help to create about 2,000  new jobs in Estonia out of 800 of them in aviation. Estonian Air is also planning to hire additional  pilots and cabin crew members.

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