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            october 18, 2019

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Four-day French air strike over


The four-day French air strike has ended, but the pilots' union, SNPL, has warned that other air sector unions are considering a second round of four-day work stoppages if the government does not abandon a bill that makes it difficult and expensive to take strike action, according to the Shipping Gazette. 
The bill demands that workers in the air transport industry make individual declarations of willingness to participate in a strike 48 hours before its commencement, adding extra expense and inconvenience to unions by producing the necessary documentation.
This such a law already applies to state-owned groups such as SNCF railway and Paris Metro operator RATP, notes London's International Freighting Weekly.
The unions consider the bill "ill-adapted to the private sector" and are urging the authorities to withdraw the bill.
Said an SNPL statement: "We are calling for it to be withdrawn and if our demands are not met, we have a mandate from our members to call for further strike action. Another four-day stoppage later this month can't be ruled out.
Air France said it was able to run 75 per cent of its flights during the strike, but had been forced to cancel 300 flights in last minute.
The union also said the four-day stoppage that ended February 9 had made Air France cancel or charter 42 per cent of long-haul flights and 50 per cent of mid-haul flights during the strike.
The national airline said normal flight operations would resume after the strike, but there would be some flight delays caused by the extremely cold weather currently affecting of Europe.
It is said that the four day strike incurred revenue losses of EUR8 million (US$10.55) to EUR10 million a day, but market analysts said Air France would suffer EUR100 million in lost revenue.

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