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            november 20, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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ITF redoubles support for NZ dockers


The ITF today promised redoubled action in support of Port of Auckland dockers who have been told they are being made compulsorily redundant.
The decision by Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson rejects a negotiated solution and dramatically escalates the dispute at the port. It would throw 320 dockers out of work and devastate their families and community relations in the city. In Gibson’ words the workers are “superfluous to our needs”. 
The ITF has already mobilised support among its member unions*, and ITF president Paddy Crumlin today vowed to ramp up solidarity with the dockers and their community even further. He stated: “Unless Tony Gibson’s decision is reversed it makes Auckland a ‘port of convenience’ – a known labour relations disaster area. That can have real consequences in how dockers worldwide react to these cargoes. And it can have consequences among seafarers, among shipping companies looking for ports where they will find efficient and co-operative loading and unloading, and potentially even among customers of New Zealand goods – including the supermarkets who have embraced ethical trading standards along their supply chains, ports included.” 
He continued: “The ITF and its members will go all out in support of our New Zealand colleagues. We are seeking an urgent meeting with New Zealand government representatives, with the High Commission in London, and asking our affiliates to do the same in their home countries, and we are all finalising plans to ensure that these dockers get all the international support they need. New Zealand is a trusted ‘brand’ worldwide, a home of fairness. This shameful decision by the company risks serious damage to that reputation, with all that that may imply.”

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