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            september 22, 2019

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“Cargo 2000 Platinum Membership” for Swiss WorldCargo


Swiss WorldCargo, the Cargo Division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, has been classified as a “Cargo 2000 Platinum Member 2011”, the highest of four categories of membership established by the new classification system introduced by the IATA interest group “Cargo 2000”.
“Cargo 2000”, the well recognised quality monitoring and improvement platform in the air cargo industry, has implemented a new membership classification: Based on a point system that objectively measures a company’s integration of the initiative into its daily business processes, the new membership classification aims at encouraging integration even further by all the industry stakeholders.
Full integration is in fact crucial for the achievement of the initiative’s objectives. Bringing together more than 80 major airlines, forwarders and third parties such as ground handlers, trucking companies and IT providers, since it was founded in 1997 “Cargo 2000” aims at implementing a new quality monitoring system for the air cargo industry. More specifically, it is about implementing processes, backed by quality standards that are measurable and supported by data, thereby improving the efficiency of air cargo, enhancing customer service levels and reducing operational costs.
Given the active support demonstrated by Swiss WorldCargo to the industry-wide initiative since its inception, it is not surprising that the Cargo Division of SWISS was one of only seven member airlines to score more than 81 points - the minimum required in order to be ranked as a “Platinum Member” according to the new membership classification system.
The evaluation matrix consists of three sections, each one allowing for a score of up to 100 points and carrying a percentage weight:
- Performance and Integrity (30%), which evaluates KPIs, volume of shipments measured and data integrity
- Process/Degree of Implementation (30%), measuring the level of “Cargo 2000” implementation
- Contribution to “Cargo 2000” Community (40%), which assesses a company’s level of engagement with the broader “Cargo 2000” community.
“At Swiss WorldCargo we have always been recognized as a global leader in providing high quality services and being a “Cargo 2000 Platinum Member” is a further industry accolade to prove that fact”, comments Christine Barden, Senior Manager, Head of Transportation Processes and responsible for “Cargo 2000” at Swiss WorldCargo. “By embedding the “Cargo 2000” quality approach within our comprehensive suite of quality measures at Swiss WorldCargo we have achieved continuous improvements in our performance and we do believe this new membership classification system is a further milestone for the transparency of quality standards in the industry overall.”
Swiss WorldCargo was one of the first air cargo carriers to have all the stations in its network certified in accordance with the “Cargo 2000” standards as well as being continuously ranked amongst the top airlines in terms of published “Cargo 2000” results, since all members had to start publishing data measured by the programme’s quality management system in 2005.

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