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            october 16, 2019

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New Zealand's Steelbro makes sidelifter crane with 45,000-tonne capacity


New Zealand's Steelbro has produced its latest sidelifter of the SB450 with a 45-tonne load capacity, which allows it to safely move very heavy containers, according to the Shipping Gazette. 
Along with improved components, the safety factors are enhanced by the new SB450's reach of 3.9 metres measured from the centre of the trailer to the centre of the lifted container.
Although the reach is more than most people will need in daily operations, it means that drivers aren't operating their sidelifter at maximum reach, or limited in how they handle a container and risk pushing the sidelifter too hard, said a company statement.
The SB450 sidelifter can lift to its full hydraulic capacity, ie lift to its maximum weight at a further distance than previous models and its stability is useful when transferring containers from sidelifter to trailer and from sidelifter to railcar. The ability to load and unload containers on the ground also increases efficiency and safety for operators.
The Malaysian market is a significant market for Steelbro benefiting from a country which requires the use of containerised freight and can see the efficiency of the sidelifter, said Steelbro South East Asia development manager Chew Len Chet.

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