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            october 16, 2019

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Amsterdam's surviving box volume declines 28pc


The Port of Amsterdam, without divulging its container volume in TEU terms, conceded that 2011 box throughput fell 28 per cent to 600,000 tonnes while overall cargo traffic increased three per cent year on year, according to the Shipping Gazette. 
The old Dutch port in total cargo increased to 74.8 million tonnes, keeping it in fourth place among major European ports after Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.
Amsterdam fell away as a major player in containers in 2009 when it lost its last scheduled service. But in overall cargo growth last year, it overtook Rotterdam in percentage terms as Rotterdam only grew 0.8 per cent. But Amsterdam fell behind Rotterdam's six per cent year-on-year container growth which reached 11.9 million TEU last year.
Coal and oil did best for Amsterdam in 2011, each commodity up nine per cent to 15.5 million tonnes in the case of coal and 37.1 million tonness in the case of oil, offsetting a 12 per cent fall in agri-bulk to eight million tonnes. Ro-ro increased by nine per cent to 900,000 tonnes.

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