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            october 19, 2019

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The first anniversary of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 commercial operations in Armavia


Just a year ago, on the 21st of April 2011, the first production Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft operated by the Armenian airline, Armavia, performed the first scheduled flight on route Yerevan – Moscow, marking the start of the commercial operations of the brand new commercial aircraft. Armavia puts the new aircraft (MSN 95007, register number EK 95015) in service an extremely short period of time - in two days after the official delivery.
By April 20, 2012 Armavia’s SSJ100 aircraft accumulated more than 1,870 flight hours in more than 760 revenue flights. The SSJ100 carried over 48,000 passengers and covered distance more than 1.4 million kilometers. Armavia SSJ100 regularly performed flights from Yerevan to 34 airports in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Western and Southern Europe and Middle East including Moscow, St Petersburg, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Athens and Dubai. Flights were performed at 35000 – 39000 ft altitude, at the speed of 0.78-0.8 M. The highest daily utilization reached 16.5 flight hours while the longest distance exceeded 4,000 kilometers on route Yerevan – Madrid. The SSJ100 fully confirmed to be suitable both to regional and to short-haul routes. The best results in terms of number of flights per month and monthly utilization stood at 88 flights and 224 hours in November 2011 and 91 flights and 213 hours in February 2012.
For the first year of operations the first production SSJ100 aircraft, equipped with the brand new SaM146 engines, revealed remarkable operational results and outstanding safety performance.
This milestone was also achieved thanks to a full-fledged after-sales support organization managed by SuperJet International (responsible for the technical support of the aircraft operations and maintenance as well as for training). Its Customer Services provides Armavia with the first class-service agreement “SuperCare Plan” covering the entire spectrum of supporting activities.
“The newest Russian aircraft SSJ100 met our expectations. Our passengers like this aircraft while our pilots, flight attendants and technicians easily get an experience to operate the SSJ100. We believe that the SSJ100 has a bright future”, said Sergey Kharatyan, Head of Armavia Flight Services.
«We are satisfied with results of the first year operations of our aircraft with Armavia. It was reached through joint efforts of SCAC, SuperJet International, PowerJet (the engine manufacturer) and Armavia. We are confident that the obtained joint experience and proper teamwork will help us to achieve all established targets”, noted Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, President of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft.

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