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            january 28, 2020

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Condor to be first customer for new Revenue Integrity solution from Lufthansa Systems


Lufthansa Systems today announced Condor as the launching customer for its new Revenue Integrity solution. This will enable the German airline to significantly reduce the number of blind and duplicate bookings that result in lost sales. With Revenue Integrity, airlines can easily eliminate unproductive bookings from their inventory to ensure their flights are filled to capacity. The system identifies blind and duplicate bookings and frees up the blocked seats for re-sale. In this way, airlines can noticeably boost their revenues and significantly improve their passenger load factor.
Revenue Integrity checks all bookings and requires that agents issue the tickets for these bookings within a defined time frame. The IT solution also detects bookings that include identical flights on multiple days or to nearby airports. These bookings usually do not result in tickets being issued; instead, they block valuable seats and lead to revenue losses.  Furthermore, the system can automatically check passenger lists against predefined lists of names in compliance with the immigration regulations of various countries. The third-generation solution meets the growing demands of small and medium-size airlines in particular, allowing them to define rules and control numerous individual actions with the greatest possible precision and flexibility. 
“The use of Revenue Integrity has a considerable effect on the economic performance of an airline,” explains Stefan Auerbach, Senior Vice President Airline Solutions at Lufthansa Systems.  By cleaning up their reservation data, airlines can release seats for re-sale. “Moreover, carriers save the GDS costs they would have to incur for unproductive bookings. For many airlines, this solution pays for itself within its first year of use. We are therefore delighted that Condor is the first airline to have opted for the new product generation,” says Auerbach.
“This new Revenue Integrity solution is a tool that comprehensively supports our hybrid strategy and ensures clean inventory information throughout the booking process,” says Achim Lameyer, Sales Vice President of Condor.
The Revenue Integrity solution can be integrated with any reservation system and can process inventory data both in real time and in batches. Thanks to its modern architecture and highly standardized components, the solution can be quickly adapted to the individual requirements of various customers. 

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