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            september 17, 2019

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Chopin Airport cracks down on illegal taxis


Checks of taxi drivers, a widespread information campaign for passengers and increased vigilance of security services are some of the measures to be taken by Chopin Airport and the Warsaw authorities to tackle illegal taxis at the airport.
“The comfort and safety of passengers using Chopin Airport is our top priority. We cannot let them be targeted and cheated by bogus taxi drivers. With the support from the City Hall and state services, we are determined to finally put an end to this practice,” said Michał Marzec, director of Chopin Airport. 
Representatives of the Trading Standards Authority, Road Transport Inspection Authority and the Police have been working incognito for a couple of days now, checking the drivers’ licenses and fares. Those who are caught without the required documents or provide misleading tariff information face heavy fines. 
The airport’s operator has also put up additional information posters in the Terminal, providing a list of names and phone numbers of the recommended taxi companies. The posters appeared in the baggage reclaim hall and on exit doors, among other places. 
“Soon, the recommended taxi rank will be better signposted, with new signs put up in the arrivals hall and outside the terminal. Passengers will be assisted by special staff wearing bright colours, who will show them the way to the legit rank,” promised Michał Hofman, head of Chopin Airport’s Passenger Handling Service. 
Before UEFA Euro2012 kicks off, there will also be stands with leaflets prepared by the city authorities and special posters with tips on how to recognise a legal taxi. In addition, the airport’s operator plans to put up barriers at the rank outside the terminal, helping form a line of customers waiting for a taxi. 
Any passenger who has been approached by touts or feels cheated or otherwise unfairly treated by a person posing as a taxi driver can report this to an Airport Security Service officer, who will pass the complaint on to the Police for further investigation. Apart from personal details of the person reporting the incident, the complaint will also include CCTV footage and other available evidence.  
“We encourage anybody who feels they have been treated unfairly to report this. They are the only people who can help the Police as witnesses in the investigation,” said Radosław Żuk, director of Chopin Airport’s PR Bureau.  
“The problem of illegal taxi drivers can only be resolved with the help of our passengers. The first thing we can all do is to raise awareness of the fact that it is only safe to use properly licensed and marked taxis. Reporting attempts of touting and cheating will allow the competent state bodies to take the right action. I hope that the measures we have put in place together with the city authorities and the Police will soon enable us to tackle the problem of illegal taxis once and for all,” added director Michał Marzec.

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