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            october 22, 2019

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LKW Walter

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LKW Walter
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DCT leads in implementing strategic vision for CEE container industry


Important investments in port infrastructure and the dynamic growth of Polish container industry is an opportunity for Poland to position itself as the major gateway to Russia and the Central-Eastern European countries. Geographical proximity to Russia and a number of other countries with poor/ no sea access which will be the main growth engines in Europe, opens unlimited possibilities of development for Poland and for DCT Gdansk in particular.
The container sector needs coherent and complete policy which will lead it to the position of unquestioned leader in this part of the world. To meet requirements of the sector DCT Gdansk engaged an authority in corporate affairs and strategy. Adam Zolnowski, previously Director in PricewaterhouseCoopers leading Inward Investment practice, joined senior management team of the biggest and most modern container terminal in Poland as Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer.
Adam gained his wide experience also as Director General of the Polish Competition Authority and President of Polish Information & Foreign Investment Agency. In his professional career he worked with large international companies like LG, Samsung, Sharp, TRW and others to assist them to locate in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. He was a member of Polish Securities and Exchange Commission and an adviser of Uzbekistan government. More recently Adam was in charge of developing strategies for the Pomerania Region in Poland, where DCT is located. He is an author of several publications in the area of foreign investment and competition.
Adam graduated Gdansk University and University of Sussex. He completed controller’s application of Supreme Chamber of Control and Executive Management Program by Swedish Institute.
“Involving Adam in strategy and corporate affairs of DCT Gdansk is a part of a plan to increase DCT competitiveness” says Boris Wenzel, CEO of DCT Gdansk. “As the Polish port industry is facing strong competition of Northern European ports such as Hamburg and Rotterdam which were traditionally used as main hub ports for Central and Eastern Europe it needs strategic vision and leadership engaging Polish authorities to conduct reforms and implement policies that will strengthen the whole container sector in Poland. I am convinced that Adam with his experience is the right person to lead the process of creating such strategy initiated by DCT in 2011,” adds Boris Wenzel.

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