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            january 29, 2020

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Hunger striking Air India pilots to continue their protest


Seven hunger striking Air India pilots, some of who have not eaten for eight days, say they are determined to continue their protest until their demands for exclusive Dreamliner training are met, reports Asian News International.
Civil Aviation Minister Alit Singh says the hunger strike was avoidable and needless, calling it "illegal and unlawful", as it violates the High Court order directing pilots back to work.
About 500 Air India pilots who fly international routes have been demanding that former state-owned Indian Airlines pilots should not be trained to fly Dreamliners because they Air India pilots want the jobs.
One hunger-striking pilot said of Civil Aviation Minister Alit Singh: "After eight days, seven of our fasting pilots have been hospitalised. Doctors were little tensed and said that these people should not have fasted, but the pilots were determined to continue with their fast till the time the Civil Aviation Minister talks to us."
Said Dr Abhishek Jaiswal: "The rest of the pilots are in the normal condition because few of them started fasting for the past two days and some from three days. Their blood sugar level is below normal, but it's okay."

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