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            october 15, 2019

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World's busiest air cargo airport in latest top 10 ranking


Hong Kong has again topped the rankings of the busiest cargo airports in the world according to Supply Chain Digital survey.
1) Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has taken top spot since 1996 with an annual freight volume of nearly 3.7 million tons. In 2008, its throughput accounted for 33 per cent of Hong Kong's total trade volume - HK$2,075 billion (US$273 million). HKIA has two air cargo terminals, including a 328,000 metre SuperTerminal that is the world's second-largest stand-alone air handling facility.
2) Cargo Central/FedEx Express Super Hub, Memphis International Airport is neck and neck with Hong Kong handling at nearly 3.7 million tons a year. This FedEx Express Super Hub, covering five miles, handles 3.3 million packages a day and has parking slots for 175 aircraft and 300 miles of conveyor belts.
3) Shanghai Pudong International Airport cargo terminal was founded in 1999 by a joint venture headed by Shanghai Airport Group, Lufthansa Cargo and JHJ Logistics Management and with a freight volume of nearly 2.6 million tons per year. The cargo terminal takes up 135,000 square metres.
4) Cargo terminal complex, Incheon International Airport handles 2.42 million tons annually. The complex, which was designed to process 1.7 million tons of cargo a year, now can handle 2.7 million tons a year..
5) CargoCity, Frankfurt Airport can handle 2.1 million tons a year, and has the potential to nearly double capacity by 2020, Frankfurt Airport is undeniably Europe's busiest cargo hub. CargoCity provides a perishable centre, which offers 20 different climate zones as well as the world's most advanced animal-handling stations.
6) Tokyo's Narita International Airport handles 2.1 million tons annually and is the headquarters for Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines. The wide variety of air freight facilities have attracted various international air freight operators, including FedEx, Lufthansa Cargo, Singapore Airlines Cargo and UPS.
7) Alaska's Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport handled 2.36 million tons in 2008 and stands as a hub for cargo being transferred between North America and the Far East. The airport claims to be the most liberalised in the country as of 2004 when a law was passed that allowed air cargo to or from another country to be transferred to another airline in Alaska without being considered to have broken its international journey.
8) Dubai Cargo Gateway, Dubai International Airport, UAE, handled 1.82 million tons handled in 2008, the Dubai Cargo Gateway has established itself as a key stop-off location for air freight being transferred between the Far East and Europe. The 43,699-square metre site includes automated handling systems and real-time tracking of cargo and is dedicated to local carrier Emirates Sky Cargo.
9.) Worldport, Louisville International Airport, handled 1.97 millions tons in 2008 and wins its world cargo standing because of the presence of United Parcel Service. UPS's growth at the airport is astounding - the $1 billion Worldport will given another $1 billion upgrade to increase sorting capacity at Worldport by 37 per cent to 416,000 packages an hour by mid 2010.
10) Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport handled about 2.28 million tons in 2008 and reportedly accounts for 30 per cent share of French air freight in terms of national export value. FedEx has a second global hub there. In addition to international companies taking advantage of the hub.

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