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            january 29, 2020

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Volotea flies with IT from Lufthansa Systems


Lufthansa Systems announced that the new European airline Volotea has started flight operations with an extensive package of IT solutions from Lufthansa Systems. The airline will use the paper-based Lido/RouteManual navigation charts and plans to implement the tablet PC-based Lido/iRouteManual later, subject to official approval by the aviation authorities. The start-up carrier is also working with the navigation data delivered by the Lido/FMS database.  
Lido/iRouteManual gives airline pilots access to professional instrument flight rules (IFR) navigation charts on an iPad. Updated charts will be provided for download every week so that the latest versions are always available for pilot briefings. The system is currently being used for flight preparation, but in the next stages of development it will be available for use during a flight as well.  
Lido/RouteManual provides Volotea with navigation charts for take-off and landing procedures as well as airport and route charts. The navigation charts are generated directly from the Lido navigation database. They contain all important route infor­mation such as altitude and airport data. Moving towards Lido/iRouteManual, Volotea will gradually be able to reduce its paper-based navigation charts to a minimum. Lido/FMS (Flight Management System) data support the autopilot on board modern aircraft and are the basis for optimal navigation. All navigation data, which are based on global aeronautical information, are updated every 28 days. Lufthansa Systems can individually tailor these data to the respective aircraft type and route depending on the needs of the airline.  
“We are very pleased that a new airline like Volotea has decided to use our mobile app soon. We hope this contract will be the start of a long, successful business relationship,” said Marco Cesa, SVP Regional Management Europe at Lufthansa Systems.  
The Spanish airline started flight operations in April 2012 with a fleet of three B717 aircraft. Volotea operates a fleet of 9 aircraft this summer.

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